Sep 252012

I’ve released v0.7 of my RHManagedObject Core Data library for iOS.  This new version cleans up a lot of code and standardizes some of the aggregate functions.  It’s backwards compatible to v0.6, but requires a small modification to your entity subclasses.

You can download and read about it on GitHub.

  2 Responses to “Simplifying Core Data Part II”

  1. Outstanding work on this – very thoughtful work! One question/comment, for your next release, when doing a commit, what do you think about returning the NSError object instead of doing an abort()?

    +(void)commit:(NSError * __autoreleasing *)error {
    NSError * err = nil;
    [[self managedObjectContextManager] commit:&err];
    if (error != NULL) {
    if (err!=nil) *error = err;


    • Thanks. I never considered returning the error since I never get them. 🙂 Can you tell me a use case when you might need this? How would you recover from the error?

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