Mar 232009

Two weeks ago MapMyTour was accepted and made available for download from the App Store.  Since then:

  • the app has been downloaded 582 times; and
  • the website expanded to 216 users, 170 tracks, and 743 waypoints!

I’m happy with this first release and user acceptance, which has motivated me to start working on v1.1 of the app.  The next version is close to completion and will add the following features and bug fixes:

  • Maps can be flagged as “Private”, which determines whether a map will list on the homepage and in the RSS feeds;
  • Various minor UI changes, most notably the “About” tab;
  • Additional weather icons for the evening hours; and
  • A reworking of the timezone retrieval code, which is a part of every waypoint.  With v1.0 I determined the timezone by submitting the latitude and longitude to an online service.  Unfortunately, the service isn’t consistent with Daylight Saving Time, which has caused some waypoints (most in North America) to be off by an hour.  With v1.1, the timezone will be fetched from the user’s iPhone settings.  It is therefore important for users to have the correct time and timezone set in their iPhone.

I’m thinking ahead to v1.2 and other features I’d like to add.  Photo support is definitely an idea, but I’d like to hear from you if you have other suggestions or comments.

Happy touring!

  4 Responses to “MapMyTour is Two Weeks old!”

  1. Thanks for making this application. I used it this past week and found it easy enough to use regularly. I had used a gps handheld and a notepad on previous tours. This way is much easier and I found that to be good insurance that I would make entry frequently enough to satisfy me after the tour.

    The one improvement I would make is to allow for users to drag established waypoints. When your far away from the cities the estimated locations seem to be further off the mark than is ideal.

    If one could drag these waypoints to what they see as geographically more accurate (by way of terrain view in gmaps) then this would be really helpful. In one instance I was on one side of the canal and the waypoint dropped on the opposite side.

    I noticed that the sdk for iphone 3.0 is going to allow for app builders to use the entire maps api which might make this possible if it isn’t already.

    Thanks again for the app. I’ll defiantly keep using it.

  2. One more thing:

    If one were to carry a standalone gps device it would be nice to allow users to, when making a waypoint entry on the iphone, manually enter in the lat and long.

    When your out of cell range you are unable to receive an estimation of your location. If you could manually fill in the GPS field and then store offline you could then submit entries when back in cell range. There were a number of times this would have been really nice when in the mountains for a few days.

  3. Hi Josh,

    I assume you don’t have the iPhone 3G. As you probably know, the 3G has a satellite GPS, which doesn’t require you to be in cellular range to get a fix on your location. It’s also much more accurate.

    What you could do –although not ideal– is update the latitude and longitude on the website for each waypoint after your trip. The original version of MapMyTour was done through manual entry, and the entire point of the iPhone app was to stop doing that. 😉

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the app!

  4. If I get an iPhone 3G I now know I won’t need any manual entry as I won’t need an extra device (GPS device). That’s assuming the iPhone 3G’s is as capable as typical GPS devices in that in can get coordinates from any location on the planet where there is a mostly visible sky. That would amaze me if it’s true.

    I was able to clean up the map created from my recent tour in Google Earth which allows me to drag and drop waypoint markers. When iPhone 3.0 is released, it may be possible to handle these types of edits from within the app itself on the fly.

    There were many times as I was out on the road that I would enter a waypoint after I had far passed a point of interest, intending to correct it’s exact position to be accurate at a later time. I had to wait until I got home to download the .kml file and fire up Google Earth.

    Well that about sums up my experience. Thanks again for the great app. Looking forward to future releases.

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