Jan 272009

What is MapMyTour.com?  Have a look at the home page and check out a sample map.

I’m working on an iPhone app that integrates with the MapMyTour.com website. The app lets you update a map from the road quickly and easily by taking advantage of the unit’s wireless internet and GPS.  It is unlike other iPhone mapping tools (Firepin, InstaMapper, & EveryTrail) in that you don’t leave the unit on to create waypoints at timed intervals. Waypoints are created manually when you want, and additional information such as the weather, what you are doing, and a comment can be attached to each point.  Below are some screenshots.

The application only connects to the internet when necessary.  Waypoints can be saved locally to the iPhone and uploaded later when you might have WiFi access.  This feature helps you minimize roaming costs, which can be very expensive when traveling abroad.  Of course, you can also upload the waypoint immediately if you choose.

I’m now looking for some people to help test the app before I submit it to the App Store.  I’m looking for feedback on usability, missing features, and bugs.  I can’t post it as a download due to the way Apple restricts what can be installed on an iPhone, so please write me at chris(at)mapmytour(dot)com and I’ll send you the installation instructions.  Many thanks!

If it matters, I intend to release the app as a free download.

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