Apr 252013

OpenText Content Server Builder is the IDE for OpenText Content Server. It’s an advanced IDE given its age, but a missing feature of the IDE is a code formatter. For example, consider the following OScript and imagine how difficult it would be to read if it were 500 lines long (yes, some people write scripts […]

Apr 242013

A recent StackOverflow question got me thinking about the best way to manage a Core Data Migration. This post won’t address how to map your model or do a lightweight migration; rather, it will focus on how and where to launch the migration process. The question on StackOverflow asked how to manage a migration that […]

Apr 072013
TrackMyTour - Server Crash and Outcome

TrackMyTour is back online after being offline for the last three days.  Some users may have intermittent access until the new server settings have finished propagating. This should be done by tomorrow (Monday 8 April 2013). I wanted to provide a short write up of what happened and why it took so long to get […]