Apr 072013
TrackMyTour - Server Crash and Outcome

TrackMyTour is back online after being offline for the last three days.  Some users may have intermittent access until the new server settings have finished propagating. This should be done by tomorrow (Monday 8 April 2013). I wanted to provide a short write up of what happened and why it took so long to get […]

Sep 012012

Many users have asked for a print feature in TrackMyTour, which I’m happy to announce has finally been added. It’s still in development, but I’ve pushed an early release of the feature onto the server. The difficulty with this feature was finding a way of flattening the geographic information, photo, and text on each waypoint […]

Dec 062011
Embed Your TrackMyTour Maps

I finally added an embed widget to TrackMyTour. The widget allows you to add a link to your website or blog to overlay your TrackMyTour map. This is best explained with an example: Click here to see the TrackMyTour widget in action! This is nice since it provides the full TrackMyTour experience to your followers […]

Jan 192010

TrackMyTour v2 is finally available for download from the App Store!  Many thanks to Demodia for their help with the site design and to all the testers who gave feedback.  I still have lots of ideas for future versions, but for now I’ll take a break.  Enjoy!

Dec 292009
TrackMyTour v2.0

With all the changes going into the new version of TrackMyTour, I’ve decided to jump the version number directly to v2.0.  Here are some screenshots of what you can look forward to.  I hope to have this in the AppStore by February 2010.

May 292009

Version 1.2 of the iPhone app made it onto the app store, but I removed it after a user reported crashes on launch.  I traced the problem to a rare condition when upgrading from v1.1.  It wouldn’t have affected most users, but one was enough to take it offline. I’ve meanwhile fixed the bug and […]

May 212009

TrackMyTour can now “tweet” your map updates to Twitter!  Just go to the Settings tab to enter your Twitter information.  Map updates will be “tweeted” as long as your Twitter login is correct, the comment field isn’t empty, and the map isn’t unlisted.  That’s it! Comments will be cropped to fit the 140 character limitation […]

May 032009
Changes in v1.2

I’m working on v1.2 of the TrackMyTour iPhone application and website, and some big changes are coming.  Here is what you can look forward to: A new and more visual “Add Waypoint” page (see below). New tab bar icons (thanks to Glyphish). Photo support.  You can now add photos to each waypoint. Twitter integration.  Automatically […]

Apr 212009

TrackMyTour v1.1 is now available for download from the App Store!  New in this version: bug fix with timezones; new weather icons for the evening hours; new airport waypoint type; maps can be unlisted from the homepage and RSS feed at create time; new “TrackMyTour” logo; and minor UI changes Download it now!

Apr 092009
MapMyTour.com becomes TrackMyTour.com

I’ve been threatened with legal action from another MapMy____.com website for an apparent trademark infringement.  I disagree with their assertions, but this left me with the choice of defending myself or changing the name.   I chose the later since MapMyTour is non-profit and a personal project, and I don’t have the time, money, or care […]