Jul 172015

Introduction In Part I of this blog series I introduced an object-based approach for developing with OpenText Content Server. In this next blog post I extend the discussion to include workflows. The Content Server Workflow API is complex. There is little abstraction or encapsulation, which means operations often require the traversal of complex data structures, […]

Mar 262015
Part XVI: One-Time Notifications in OpenText Content Server

Introduction A common requirement in web applications is to provide a one-time notification message to the user. This is often used to give the user confirmation that something happened. For example, a notification message might confirm a form was successfully submitted or that an error occurred. Content Server doesn’t always confirm when something happens. For […]

Mar 182015
Part XV: What is RHCore?

Introduction Over the last year I’ve been blogging about various topics in OpenText Content Server development. In most of these blog posts I referred to a module called RHCore, which is the topic of this next post. So what exactly is RHCore? RHCore is an Content Server application framework. It’s written in OScript, installs like […]

Feb 192015
Part XIV: Writing OScript in the Web UI in OpenText Content Server

Introduction I was recently confronted with some seemingly simple requirements in OpenText Content Server development. In one case a process was required to search and replace all instances of a category attribute value (a common requirement when updating lookup and popup type attributes). It sounded simple with a LiveReport and WebReport, but grew in complexity […]

Oct 292014
Part XIII: Sending E-Mail from OpenText Content Server

Introduction If you have ever programatically sent an e-mail from Content Server you would have certainly encountered the $Kernel.SMTPClient library. The library provides the groundwork for sending an e-mail, but has a rather unfriendly API. In a nutshell, to send an e-mail you must: read the SMTP configuration from the notification settings (or get other […]